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Neocate Spoon Neutral Taste Nutricia 400g

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Neocate Spoon Neutral Taste Nutricia Nutritional Supplement

Powdered food for weaning based on free synthetic amino acids, specific for children with food allergy.
Enriched in calcium, iron and vitamin D. Free of gluten and soy. Free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.


Neocate Spoon is indicated for the feeding of infants allergic to cow's milk proteins during weaning from the 6th month and for older children with food allergy .
The product is ideal for introducing solid and semi-solid foods into the diet of infants. In older children it can be used as a nutritional supplement to supplement the diet.
To be used under medical supervision.

Contraindications and precautions

Do not use as the sole nutritional source. Do not administer by tube or bottle. Do not use injecting.


The daily dose of Neocate Spoon should be determined by the doctor and depends on age, body weight and individual clinical condition.
Neocate Spoon, during the weaning phase, must be taken by infants as a complementary food to breast milk or hypoallergenic formula.
The recommended dose is 8 tablespoons of powder (37 g) added to 60 ml of water, in order to obtain a spoonful consistency. For preparation follow the directions on the label.

Useful in case of

Allergy to cow's milk proteins
Food intolerance


400g jar.