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  • Octilia Natural Eye Drops Irritated And Red Eyes IBSA 10 Single Doses -65%

Octilia Natural Eye Drops Irritated And Red Eyes IBSA 10 Single Doses

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Octilia Natural Eye Drops Irritated And Reddened Eyes IBSA - Refreshing and Moistening Action


Solution based on distilled water of cornflower and chamomile and hyaluronic acid.
Cornflower is known for its astringent, decongestant and anti-reddening properties , while Chamomile has a soothing , calming and refreshing action.
Hyaluronic Acid is used for its moisturizing action which counteracts dry eye.
Octilia Natural Monodose Eye Drops have a humectant action at physiological pH. Vegetable waters relieve redness, fatigue and a sense of discomfort in the eyes and ocular mucosa caused by environmental factors (wind, smoke, pollution, prolonged exposure to sunlight, salt, sea and swimming pool water) or due to to intense commitment for study, work and prolonged use of the computer or a long period of driving.
Hyaluronic Acid helps to hydrate and lubricate the cornea and conjunctiva in case of dry eyes linked to environmental factors or the use of contact lenses.
Preservative free.



Distilled water of: cornflower, chamomile; hyaluronic acid, sodium salt, dibasic sodium phosphate heptahydrate, monobasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, sodium chloride, ppi water (for injections) quantum satis 100 ml.


How to use

Detach the single-dose from the strip, open it by turning and then lifting the closure cap. Put the cap back with the locking pin up.
Instill 2-3 drops in each eye by lightly pressing the vial.
After use, close the vial immediately: the contents can be reused within the next 12 hours.
It can also be used by those who wear contact lenses.
It is also suitable for frequent use, several times a day.



For ophthalmic use only.
Do not use if the contents are damaged or not perfectly closed at the time of first opening.
During application, do not touch the eye or any other surface with the dispensing end of the container.
Do not use in case of known incompatibility with any component.
Keep out of reach of children.
In case of problems during use, stop the treatment and consult a doctor.
Sterility is guaranteed only if the single-dose is sealed.



Packs of 10 single-dose resealable vials of 0.5 ml equivalent to approximately 10 drops.