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  • Oto Biodepuroti Plus 200ml -12%

Oto Biodepuroti Plus 200ml

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With the particular composition of plants used in the product we wanted to associate different plants with activities complementary to each other:

  • diuretic to encourage normal physiological processes of removal of waste metabolites produced by the body
  • hepatoprotective
  • antilitisiache (it prevents the formation of stones)

This blend of active plant, is therefore indicated in all cases in which action needs drainage and "cleaning" of all primary excretory organs (kidneys, liver and gall bladder) and accessories (Colon, Respiratory, Skin).

BIODEPUROTI PLUS un'integratore of OTI is highly active in the detoxification process, has unique characteristics for removing toxins from the tissues of deposit (connective) and in particular in the drainage of toxins through the primary excretory organs (kidneys, liver and gall bladder) and accessories (Colon, Respiratory, Skin).

Plants Boldo Fumaria and it contains engaged choleretic, antilitiasica and antidyspeptic, acting on the liver and gallbladder, proving particularly useful for liver detoxification and in cases of gallstones.

The Boldo to the active substance, the Boldin showed slight diuretic, uricosuric and mild sedatives.
In folk medicine the leaves of Boldo are also used as a diuretic. stomachic-sedative. In Chile is used as an anthelmintic
The plant then Boldo is useful in case of: liver failure, gallbladder, liver congestion.

The Fumaria is useful in case of congestion-hepatic jaundice due to its purifying and draining liver. His skin restoring makes it particularly useful in case of eczema and in all cases of skin diseases. The Fumaria can also be useful in the case of atherosclerosis through its ability to "soften" the arteries.

Horsetail had in recent confirmations relating to its mild draining effects (with benefits for the functions of the urinary tract), and support to the connective tissue (consisting of skin, vessels, bones, cartilage).

Melissa in the modern herbal medicine is used as a sedative in anxiety states with somatic and visceral restlessness and gastrointestinal motility disorders due to its antispasmodic action.

Also useful in the case of prostatitis for its anti-inflammatory action, it promotes metaboliso uric acid nellle problems gout.

Traditional uses:

Treatment (assisting the physiological functions), disinfiltrates, Diuretic (assisting the physiological elimination of liquid), draining (assisting the physiological mobilization of fluids)

How to use:

A spoon-dispenser 5 ml in half cup water 2 or 3 times a day before meals.
Preferable dilute 3 tablespoons-dispenser in 1 liter of water (added with the juice of 1/2 lemon), to drink during the day.


Amounts per daily dose of 3 scoops (15ml): Equisetum arvense (horsetail) aerial parts TM 2,3ml, Melissa officinalis leaves TM 2.3 ml, Opuntia ficus indica (prickly pear) flowers TM 2,3ml, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf TM 1,13ml, Saxifraga granulated (saxifrage) leaves TM 1,13ml, Spergularia rubra (sandstone) plant TM 1,13ml, Lithospermum officinale (migliarino) plant TM 1,13ml, Fumaria officinalis plant TM 0,06ml, Ononis spinosa (ononide) root TM 0,06ml, Poemus boldus (boldo) leaves TM 0,0015ml in alcohol solution ALCOHOL 58 °