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  • Pet House Clean Pet Conditioner Bayer 300ml -28%

Pet House Clean Pet Conditioner Bayer 300ml

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Pet House Clean Pet Conditioner Bayer - Indoor Repellent

Pet Conditioner is an indoor repellent that releases a fragrance that cats and dogs do not like. It can be dispensed on walls, corners, surfaces, objects in the home and has a lasting effect. It is recommended to do an anti-stain test for porous fabrics and surfaces.

Bayer Pet Conditioner for Indoor Environments educates cats and dogs not to get dirty in the home. Based on plant essences such as mint and eucalyptus, this disaccustoming repellent releases a fragrance not appreciated by pets, which lasts over time.

The disaccustomer Pet Conditioner from the Pet Casa Clean line by Bayer has a long-lasting efficacy, it does not stain and does not leave streaks: it can be dispensed on internal walls, corners, surfaces and objects in the home.

Fresh and pleasant scent, harmless to humans.

Do not use directly on the animal.

How to use

Shake well before use. Spray repeatedly from a distance of 40 cm, on the areas to be protected (on fabrics and porous surfaces it is recommended to do a test in a hidden corner). Repeat the operation until the desired result is achieved.


300ml spray can.