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  • Phytospecific Kids Phyto Magic Detangling Shower Shampoo 400ml -3%

Phytospecific Kids Phyto Magic Detangling Shower Shampoo 400ml

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PHYTOSPECIFIC Kids Magic Detangling Shower Shampoo PHYTO

Rich in plant and natural active ingredients - Shea Oil, Acacia Honey, Orange Blossom and Cherry Extracts and Hibiscus Extraction - this 2-in-1 shower shampoo gently cleanses children's hair and sensitive skin.
No more knots! Instantly and gently detangles difficult-to-comb hair.


As if by magic, the hair is super soft and easy to detangle!

Active principles

Acacia's honey
Keeps water in the heart of the fiber for better hydration and limits evaporation

Shea oil
Rich in fatty acids that nourish and hydrate the fiber
High content of antioxidant vitamin E that protects the fiber from daily aggressions

Orange Blossom
Hydrates and gives softness and brightness

Cherry Blossom
Antioxidant and emollient properties
Protects and gives softness

Hibiscus extraction
The hibiscus flower extract acts as a humectant by retaining water, thus ensuring the hydration of the hair and the softness of the hair fiber

How to use

Apply to hair and body. Gently massage, then rinse. Renew the application if necessary.
External use.


400ml bottle.