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  • Oxyjet Oral-B® water jet -24%

Oxyjet Oral-B® water jet

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OXYJET Oral-B® Water Flosser Healthy Gums

Oral-B's Oxyjet Water Flosser, the most popular toothbrush brand used by dentists around the world, helps achieve deep cleansing and healthy gums. Thanks to the micro-bubble technology, the Oral-B Oxyjet water jet cleans deeply under the gum line, eliminating harmful bacteria for oral hygiene. The Oral-B Oxyjet water jet not only improves gum health, but also offers targeted cleansing by gently removing food residues. Furthermore, through the control dial of the Oral-B Oxyjet water jet, it is possible to adjust the water pressure, increasing or decreasing its intensity. For flawless daily cleaning, the Oral-B Oxyjet water flosser can be used in combination with a mouthwash.

Oral-B Oxyjet water jet, the most used toothbrush brand by dentists in the world
Helps improve gum health by enriching the water with purified air microbubbles
Cleaning the interdental spaces: gently removes food residues
Adjustable water jet pressure with the possibility of increasing or decreasing its intensity via the control dial

How to use

You can choose between 2 functions for 2 different jet types by sliding the appropriate switch downwards or upwards (first deactivate the water jet by sliding the switch downwards): Rotating jet, for cleaning and massage gingival, or direct jet, for specific local cleaning.
Maximum use time: 15 minutes
Cooling time: 2 hours
After each use, completely empty the water container. It is important to prevent the formation of bacteria in the residual water if the appliance is not used for some time. If your dentist has recommended the use of the water jet with a chlorhexidine solution, rinse the appliance with running water after use to prevent any deposits. Press the on / off switch to turn off the water flosser. If you forget to turn it off manually, the water flosser will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. In this case, to reactivate it, you have to press the on / off switch twice. To remove the spout, press the release button. The spouts can be stored in the special container. Dry the handle with a cloth and place it on the base.
Regularly clean the case with a damp cloth. The water container and spout container are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher.


The plug must always be accessible. Check periodically that the cable is not damaged. If the cable is damaged, take the appliance to an Oral-B Service Center. A damaged or non-functioning drive should no longer be used.


1 Oxyjet cleaning system, 4 Oxyjet heads