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  • Remescar Bags and Dark Circles Eye Contour 8ml -22%

Remescar Bags and Dark Circles Eye Contour 8ml

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Bags And Dark Circles


Remescar Bags and Dark Circles is a cream that helps to reduce the bags and visibly reduce the dark circles with only one application per day. *



  • Results in a short amount of time *
  • Effects can be seen from the first application *
  • Clinically proven *


How does it work?

Its revolutionary EYESYL technology immediately acts on bags and dark circles thanks to an unprecedented formula based on clay minerals and a bi-peptide complex: the firming effect gives the skin a more compact and smoother appearance, the draining action reduces the accumulation of fluids in the eye area and muscles benefit from a relaxing micro break. These targeted actions help reduce ocular swelling and greatly reduce dark circles.


How to use?

Step 1 : wash your face, then dry it by gently dabbing it.

Step 2: Apply a moisturizer or eye cream (not oil based) and wait a minute or two so that it can be completely absorbed by the skin.

Step 3: dose a small amount of product on the fingertip. The ideal quantity is equivalent to a grain of rice: a smaller quantity would not be sufficient and a greater quantity would be excessive, it would not be completely absorbed by the skin or it could cause skin hypersensitivity.

Step 4 : gently rub the cream between the indices until it becomes colorless (5 - 10 seconds). Make sure that there is sufficient amount of cream between your fingers and that your fingertips are still wet; otherwise, put a small amount of cream on the fingertip again. Compliance with this procedure is essential to ensure that Remescar Borse e Occhiaie acts correctly.

Step 5 : Apply the cream to the area around the eyes and spread it gently with a finger, making movements from the inside to the outside. Tap lightly until complete absorption of the product.

Step 6 : for a perfect result, keep a neutral expression without contracting the eyes for about 2-3 minutes while the product dries (to speed up the drying process, to fan). If too much cream has been applied, remove the excess product with a cloth slightly moistened with water. Wash hands and close the tube after use.

To remove the product: clean the area of ​​application of the cream with water and blot dry.

As a base for make-up: apply the usual cosmetics (eye contour serum, daily moisturizer, etc.), allowing them to be absorbed by the skin (one or two minutes). Then, apply a very light layer of Remescar Bags and Dark Circles on the area to be treated as previously described. The possible formation of a white residue indicates that an excessive quantity of product has been used or that the moisturizing cream has not been applied. Remove the residue with a cloth slightly moistened with water. Once the product has completely dried, apply the makeup as usual.

Note: oil based cosmetics may reduce the effectiveness of Remescar Bags and Dark Circles.


* results are not guaranteed, may vary from person to person