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  • Remescar Observation Droopy Eyelids 8ml -12%

Remescar Observation Droopy Eyelids 8ml

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Falling Eyelids

Eye cream designed to quickly and easily lift sagging eyelids.
This instant and effective cream helps reduce and reduce sagging eyelids with one application a day.

The innovative Remescar Sagging Palpebra technology instantly activates, lifts and tightens the delicate skin of the upper eyelids again using a unique combination of liquid derived from sesame, a phytoactive molecular complex and enriched seamarine microparticles.

Using Remescar Sagging Eyelids on the upper eyelids, you will give the eyes the impression of being completely open and supported, making you look younger than years without surgery and increasing your safety.

How to use?

Step 1: wash the face, then dry it by gently dabbing it.

Step 2: if using a moisturizing product (day cream or eye contour), wait until it is completely absorbed by the skin before applying Remescar Palpebre Cadenti.

Step 3: dose a small amount of product onto the fingertip. The ideal quantity is equivalent to a grain of rice: a smaller quantity would not be sufficient and a greater quantity would be excessive, it would not be completely absorbed by the skin or could cause skin hypersensitivity.

Step 4: gently rub the cream between the indices until it becomes colorless (5-10 seconds). Make sure that a sufficient amount of cream remains between your fingers and that your fingertips are still wet; otherwise, place a small amount of cream on the fingertip. Compliance with this procedure is essential in order for Remescar Palpebre Cadenti to act correctly.

Step 5: apply the cream with a finger directly on the crease of the upper eyelid, from the inner corner of the eye to the outside along the entire fold. If necessary, spread it even slightly higher towards the eyebrow arch. Avoid applying the cream on the mobile part of the upper eyelid and too close to the eye because in contact with the heat of the skin the product will tend to expand.

Step 6: for a perfect result, keep the eyes closed for 3-4 minutes while the product dries (to speed up the drying process, fan). If an excessive amount of cream has been applied, remove the excess product with a cloth slightly dampened with water. Wash your hands and close the tube after use.

To remove the product: clean the cream application area with water and pat dry.

As a base for makeup: apply the usual cosmetics (serum for the eye contour, daily moisturizer, etc.), letting them be absorbed by the skin (one or two minutes). Then, apply a very light layer of Remescar Palpebre Cadenti on the area to be treated as described above. The possible formation of a white residue indicates that an excessive quantity of product has been used or that the moisturizer has not been applied. Remove the residue with a cloth slightly moistened with water. Once the product has completely dried, apply the makeup as usual.

Note: use only powder eye shadows; other types of eyeshadow, as well as oil-based cosmetics, can reduce the effectiveness of Remescar Palpebre Cadenti.