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  • RP03 ™ Vet Bros 200ml -17%

RP03 ™ Vet Bros 200ml

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RP03 ™ Vet Bros - Skin Spray

It constitutes a scientifically proven natural barrier. Skin spray with a high concentration of azadirachtin (neem oil). Product of natural origin for dogs and cats, it is also suitable for puppies and pregnant bitches. RP03TM Spray was tested at the Higher Institute of Health in collaboration with researchers from the Federico II University of Naples. The study showed up to 89.2% protection from insect bites.

How to use and Dosage

Apply all over the animal's body after shaking the bottle. Proceed by spraying RP03TM Spray at a distance from the skin of not less than 20 cm and rub carefully.

1 puff of RP03TM Spray = 1 ml.

Conditioning Treatment (for seven consecutive days)

<10 kg 3 sprays per day
11-20 kg 5 sprays per day
21-40 kg 9 sprays per day
> 40 kg 11 sprays per day

Continuous treatment (from the eighth day onwards)

Administer twice as many sprays every 3 days as for the conditioning treatment:

<10 kg 6 sprays per day
11-20 kg 10 sprays per day
21-40 kg 18 sprays per day
> 40 kg 22 sprays per day


Neem oil, Litsea cubeba oil, Clove oil, Water, Alcohol, Solvents.


200 ml spray bottle