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Safekat 300 Baselice 1 Sachet

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Safekat 300 Baselice Urine Feline Collection Kit

Safekat is designed to quickly and safely collect cat urine for analysis.

The non-absorbent, non-toxic and hypoallergenic beads replace the hygienic litter.

How to use

Empty the box from the usual litter box, wash it with water and detergent and dry it carefully.
Pour the Safekat beads into the tray and place it where the cat usually uses it.
Immediately after the cat has urinated, proceed with the collection using the pipette contained in the kit.
If the cat has also placed feces in the tray, remove them before proceeding with the collection.
Aspirate the urine keeping the tray tilted on one side, so as to make it flow towards a corner.
Aspirate as much urine as possible and drain the pipette into the test tube, close it with the finned cap and affix
the label by writing the date of collection and the data to prevent the sample from being confused with others.
Bring the tube as quickly as possible to the vet for testing.


The sample thus prepared can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.


Safekat beads: 300 g.
1 Pasteur pipette.
1 5ml test tube with cap.