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  • Somatoline Cosmetic Belly and Hips 250ml Advance1 -10%

Somatoline Cosmetic Belly and Hips 250ml Advance1

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Somatoline Cosmetic

Belly And Hips

Advance 1

By Somatoline Cosmetic, a new improved formula that works with only 1 application per day. Thanks to the innovative ReduxAdvance-complex ™, in 4 weeks performs a targeted action on the stomach and hips, reducing localized fat deposits and combats recurrence. A clinically proven results.


Women with localized fat in waist and hips level.
Women looking for a specific effective product for critical points.


It 'a formula even more focused thanks to the innovative ReduxAdvance-complex ™, a complex of active slimming enriched by a phyto-derived and a carrier molecule, has a triple action:
It increases fat burning and promotes the reduction of localized fat deposits on the stomach and hips;

acting slow-release action for slimming intense and prolonged even after the application;
It slows the re-accumulation of localized fat allowing you to keep the results longer.

Active principles
It contains ReduxAdvance-complex ™, a complex of natural micro-particles of marine algae and cosmetic active ingredients:
- Seaweeds: increase the process of triglyceride cleavage
- The lady's mantle extract and olive leaf: increase the consumption of fatty acids - fat burner effect
- Extract of fig gems-polymeric slow-release: stimulates lipolytic processes acting slow-release
- Carrier molecule: it increases the bioavailability of the active lipolytic enhancing their slimming activities


Apply 1 time a day for 4 weeks an appropriate amount of product and massage with circular movements until complete absorption.

Regular use even after the end of treatment (eg. A day) helps keep the silhouette obtained.

After a few minutes of massage you will feel a sensation of cold and / or heat, possibly with a slight tingling, and it is possible the appearance of temporary redness. The presence and the intensity of these possible reactions, which in any case generally disappear after 30 minutes, are linked to individual sensitivity and are a sign of the cosmetic product.


Instrumental clinical trial versus placebo conducted on a total of 81 women, who had superficial fat, mild to moderate, localized on the stomach and hips. The effectiveness of the product was evaluated by comparing the results obtained after 4 weeks of treatment with the initial values. Instrumental clinical evaluations show that thanks to the consistent and correct use and application of massage:
helps to reduce the circumference of the waist and hips in 4 weeks *, 1 with one application per day;
visibly reshapes the profile of the silhouette;
It slows the reappearance of localized fat allowing to keep the results longer. The values ​​obtained after a month after the end of treatment indicate a "long-lasting effect" efficacy of the product.

1 with one application per day better results than those obtained with the current formula (2 applications per day).

The reduction of the circumference consists cosmetic remodeling action during use that does not involve recovery of the silhouette.

Available in 150 ml and 250 ml sizes.