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  • Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming 7 Nights 250 ml -32%

Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming 7 Nights 250 ml

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Somatoline Cosmetic

Slimming 7 Nights

Slimming 7 Nights ™, the first treatment of Somatoline Cosmetic intensive ultra-fast-acting, with slimming effectiveness enhanced and first results demonstrated in 7 nights *.


- Women with fat deposits on the hips and thighs, wanting a cosmetic shock treatment with quick results.
- Women with sedentary lifestyle.

cosmetic action
Its new improved formula, thanks to a complex of highly concentrated specific active, taking advantage of the special receptiveness of the skin during the night, carries out a complete slimming. It contains the exclusive BioSlim7-complex ™ triple slimming action:

- Lipolytic action: favors the reduction of fatty deposits;

- Anti-storage action: prevents the formation of new fat deposits;

- Draining action: it favors the drainage of excess liquid skin. And if the treatment prolongs the slimming effectiveness increases up to double in one month.

Active principles
The innovative consisting of cosmetic active ingredients of natural origin:

- Schinus terebinthifolius extract: oily extract of pink pepper, it makes the deposits more triglycerides attacked by lipolytic enzymes;

- Carrier Molecule: functional carrier that increases the absorption of the cosmetic active ingredients;

- Escin: promotes the drainage of excess fluid;

- White clay, sea salt and shea butter: thanks to their power smoothing and softening, give the skin a "beauty effect", making it more beautiful, softer and smoother.

- Sphacelaria scoparia: antilipogenetico, limits the formation of new triglycerides in adipocyte (anti-storage business)

How to use
Apply every night for 7 nights and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed. Continue treatment for further enhanced results. Wash hands after application. After a few minutes you will feel a sensation of heat, possibly with a slight tingling, and it is possible the appearance of temporary redness. The presence and the intensity of these reactions, which generally disappear after about 30 minutes, are a sign of the cosmetic product and are linked to individual sensitivity. These phenomena are transient and should not be confused with intolerance reactions to the product.

Clinical Test Results
The clinical and instrumental study single center, double-blind placebo was conducted at an independent institute on 112 women (of which 55 have used the product and 57 placebo) who had superficial fat, mild to moderate, localized on waist, hips and thighs. The product was applied 1 time a day, in the evening before going to sleep. The experimental procedure has planned for each visit clinics and instrumental evaluations to determine the effectiveness of the cosmetic product in existence that was evaluated instrumentally by comparing the results obtained after 7 nights of treatment with the initial values.

Instrumental clinical evaluations show that thanks to the constant use and the application of massage:

- Acts on the localized and the excess liquid fat with first slimming results demonstrated in 7 nights *
- Continuing the slimming treatment effectiveness increases up to double in one month
Clinically proven effective in 100% of the volunteers.

* The reduction of the circumference consists cosmetic remodeling action during use that does not involve recovery of the silhouette.

Statistical analysis was performed to evaluate the significance of clinical and instrumental data obtained.
The following evaluations were carried out:
- Assessment of tolerability by the dermatologist;
- The cosmetic acceptability and tolerability through a self-assessment questionnaire by the volunteer.
The product is well tolerated result in 100% of the volunteers.

250ml jar.