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  • Somatoline Slimming Draining Legs 200ml -6%

Somatoline Slimming Draining Legs 200ml

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Somatoline Cosmetic

Slimming Draining Legs

Ice Effect Formula

Streamline your legs in 2 weeks *.
Drain excess fluids and smooth the skin.

The ice-cream gel designed to streamline the legs weighed down by fatty deposits and water retention

A cold and quickly absorbed texture that generates an immediate sensation of lightness.

Crio Dren-complex ™

A multifunctional complex that combines the slimming effectiveness of caffeine with the most known draining assets

Caffeine and Escin

Caffeine increases triglyceride cleavage. Escin acts on capillaries with an anti edema effect

Rusco extract

Improves blood flow

Peppermint and Menthol extract

They stimulate vasomotor gymnastics and guarantee a pleasant prolonged ice effect.

Smoothing polymer

It makes the skin of the legs silky, smooth and more homogeneous in appearance

* Clinically tested results

Slimming Draining Legs slims legs in 2 weeks. Drain excess fluid in the thighs, knees, calves and ankles. It determines an immediate lowering of the skin temperature.

Instrumental clinical trial versus placebo conducted on a total of 50 women presenting on the legs localized adiposity stages, mild to moderate, accompanied by water retention. The efficacy of the product was evaluated by comparing the results obtained after 2 weeks of treatment with the initial values. The instrumental clinical evaluations show that thanks to the constant and correct use and to the application massage:

  • favors the reduction of localized fat deposits, remodeling the legs in 2 weeks * (statistically significant reduction in adipose tissue measured by ultrasound);
  • drains * excess fluids in the thighs, knees, calves and ankles;
  • causes an immediate lowering of the skin temperature of 1.9 ° C (average value) that lasts for 10 minutes from application.

* Slimming and skin drainage consist of a cosmetic remodeling action during use that does not involve weight loss.