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  • Somatoline Face Cream Vital Beauty Day 50ml -11%

Somatoline Face Cream Vital Beauty Day 50ml

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Somatoline Cosmetics

Vital Beauty

Day face cream

Vital Beauty day protection cream, thanks to its continuous action during the day, protects the skin from external agents and moisturizes it for a long time, for a healthy and vital aspect.


Vital Beauty is a cream recommended to protect the skin throughout the day and recommended especially for women with an active lifestyle and often outdoors, exposed to pollution and the action of sunlight.

How does it work

Vital Beauty day cream has a formulation that associates:
Cress sprout extract: protects the skin from substances produced by environmental pollutants;
Maracuja extract: activates the self-defense mechanisms of the skin;
Probiotic and prebiotic mixture: optimizes the ecoflora of the skin and strengthens the skin's natural defenses;
Peony and trehalose extract: they preserve the hydration of the skin and fight it off;
SPF 20: effectively protects against the action of UV rays.

How to use

Applied in the morning it helps to combat the damage of environmental pollutants thanks to the mix of protective and detoxifying ingredients, furthermore thanks to its SPF 20 it protects effectively from the action of UV rays.

Type of packaging

50 ml jar