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  • Sooft Italy Blusala Eye Drops 15 Single Dose Vials -5%

Sooft Italy Blusala Eye Drops 15 Single Dose Vials

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Sooft Italy

Blusala eye drops

saline solution in mono and multidose with a strong similarity to the component aqueous / mineral of the tear film. Eziopatogeniche causes of ocular dryness sonoestremamente diversified: air pollution, increase of the external temperature, microclimates conditioned, use of contact lenses, use of antihypertensive drugs, Hypotonic, progestogens, benzodiazepine, blepharitis, allergies, menopause, collagen diseases, pathologies lacrimal gland, surgical aftereffects. It is not possible, in the face of many types of dry eye, to provide for the use of a single artificial tear. The treatment indicated by Ophthalmologist must take into account the actual condition of your patient and be highly personalized.

Format: 15 Single Dose Vials