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Trosyd cleanser 150ml

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Trosyd Cosmetic Adjuvant Cleanser


In the presence of skin problems such as skin mycosis or seborrheic dermatitis , appropriate antifungals or exfoliating products should be combined with appropriate detergents with an adjuvant action. Proper hygiene , in fact, is an important factor both for the prevention of skin mycoses, both during their treatment and also in order to prevent their reappearance - given the long healing times of dermatomycosis and their high tendency to chronicization.

To take complete care of skin affected by skin mycosis or sebaceous dermatitis, therefore, the choice of cleansing products must be made carefully. Cleansing must be gentle , in order not to run the risk of altering the hydrolipidic film of the skin, which acts as a valuable barrier against external aggressions. At the same time, cleansing must allow the safe elimination of dead cells that the skin fungi feed on, in order to create an unfavorable environment for their proliferation.

In particular, in cases where there are overcrowded and hot-humid public environments , at risk of infection by fungi and bacteria (swimming pool, beach, gym), it is essential to protect the skin from the aggression and pathogenic proliferation of fungi with one specific cleanser for skin mycoses .

The response of Giuliani Pharmacological Research to the need for delicate and targeted cleansing.



Trosyd ® Detergente is a cosmetic adjuvant for cleansing the face , body and scalp of skin prone to mycosis and can also be used in case of sebaceous dermatitis .

Its formulation based on Lactic Acid, Chamomile extracts and delicate surfactants creates an unfavorable environment for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria:

  • Lactic Acid performs an exfoliating action that removes the scales that mushrooms feed on
  • Chamomile extracts have a soothing action against irritation and itching which can be caused by the presence of fungi
  • Delicate surfactants ensure cleanliness of the skin, without altering the protective hydrolipidic film

Trosyd ® Skin Mushroom Cleanser contains plant extracts that soothe the itching caused by the presence of microorganisms. It does not contain perfume or preservatives.



Apply a small amount of product on the scalp and / or on wet hair, massaging until a light foam is obtained. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Trosyd® Detergente can be used daily for cleansing the body and hair, not only in the case of skin mycoses, but also as a detergent for seborrheic dermatitis.

In case of mycosis or sebaceous dermatitis, take care of your skin even during cleansing with Trosyd® Cosmetic Adjuvant Cleanser. Regenerate and defend the balance of your skin!



150ml bottle