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  • Trosyd Wortie Cryogenizing Warts 18 Applications -23%

Trosyd Wortie Cryogenizing Warts 18 Applications

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  • Brand: GIULIANI SpA
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  • EAN: 8718053574219
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Trosyd Wortie

Cryogenising Warts

Wortie is the Trosyd treatment for common and plantar warts, based on dimethylether , which allows their removal thanks to:

  • targeted application and freezing of the wart
  • high freezing capacity

The Trosyd Wortie system does not damage the skin surrounding the wart and has been developed to combine ease of use and speed of application with the lesion-targeted action. It works by freezing the wart using a metal tip with a rounded tip that allows a targeted application of the cold on the surface of the wart.

An increase in application pressure increases the contact surface and allows treating larger warts. On the contrary, reduced pressure makes it possible to freeze small warts .

How to apply

  1. Place the can on a stable shelf, holding it by the neck
  2. Keeping the can on the shelf, turn the conical tip up to the symbol "1" and press down for 3 seconds (DO NOT EXCEED 3 SECONDS). You will hear a hiss
  3. The conical tip will automatically return to the "0" symbol and the tip will begin to cool down
  4. Press the precision tip on the wart until it freezes

Trosyd Wortie is a CE 0481 Medical Device.