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  • 1 Piece Full-Body Protective Suit

1 Piece Full-Body Protective Suit

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  • Brand: DIDOFA' Srl
  • Product Code: 981468301
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Full-Body Protective Suit Personal Protective Equipment

Category III

Suitable for use in environments where substances harmful to human health may be present, both physical and biological, in the form of particulate matter and / or limited sprays.
With soft type elastics with reinforced seams, arranged to allow an easy adaptation of the suit to the wrists, ankles and face. The shape of the stretch hood is optimized for goggles or protective masks. In skin-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic material. Excellent fit thanks to the rear elastic waistband and the elastics. Breathable, soft and resistant fabric.
Areas of application: environments where high protection against viruses and bacteria is required; handling of chemicals in the form of powders and pastes; clean rooms; hospitals; high-risk laboratory environments.
Usage time: 12 hours recommended.


Extremely light and breathable fabric with EN 11495: 2008 antistatic treatment, which guarantees an excellent combination of comfort and safety.
Inner layer: spunbound of Polypropylene (TNT); outer layer: microporous polypropylene film; protection factor: 50 SPF; reinforced seams useful to prevent the formation of exposure points caused by tears or tears, made in such a way as to reduce the risk of penetration of substances and / or particles of physical and / or biological type, in the form of particulate and / or limited splashes.


Single use. Do not reuse. Before use, it is recommended to carry out the following preliminary checks to be carried out in a clean area: visually inspect the entire garment for any damage that could reduce the level of protection; check that the garment is free from contamination both externally and internally; check the tightness of the elastics and the zipper; check the perfect conformation of the zip covering flap. The coveralls of this type, unless otherwise indicated by local and / or company, are similar to unsorted waste and as such must be disposed of.


Store in a dry, cool and clean place.


Pack with 1 piece, size Xl.