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  • Dercos Technique Aminexil Intensive 5 Man Vichy 42 Vials -23%

Dercos Technique Aminexil Intensive 5 Man Vichy 42 Vials

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Dercos Technique Aminexil Intensive 5 Vichy Man - Multi-action anti-hair loss treatment

ANTI-LOSS TREATMENT * MULTI-ACTION - Complete intensive treatment 42 Vials - Maintenance treatment 5 ACTIONS ON THE SCALP Anchoring, microcirculation, resistance, balance, strength For temporary hair loss.

HAIR TYPE Seasonal anti-fall


5 ACTIONS ON THE SCALP ANCHORAGE, reduced hair loss in 6 weeks **. MICROCIRCULATION, stimulating massaging applicator. RESISTANCE, thicker and more resistant hair ***. [NEW ACTION ON THE SCALP] BALANCE, reduces the micro-imbalances of the scalp. STRENGTH, increases resistance to scalp aggressions. Exclusive combination of Aminexil, a clinically proven efficacy reference anti-hair loss molecule, with 5 active ingredients in a formula for a complete action. Promotes anchoring to the scalp. Fortifies and makes the fiber resistant. It reduces the micro-imbalances of the scalp and strengthens its resistance capacity **.

ANTI-FALL EFFECTIVENESS * MEASURED AND REPORTED IN 6 WEEKS ** Temporary hair loss is reduced. After 3 weeks, the scalp is strengthened **. Hair becomes more resilient and stronger. * Temporary fall. ** cosmetoclinical test. *** instrumental test after the application of energizing shampoo + Aminexil treatment.


As an intensive treatment: 1 ampoule per day for 6 weeks. Can be applied to dry or damp hair. As a maintenance treatment: 3 ampoules per week. External use. Do not swallow. Do not apply to irritated skin.Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.


Optimal tolerability. Hypoallergenic, formulated to reduce the risk of allergy. Tested on sensitive scalp.


Pack with 42 vials.