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Brown Bear Warmies 1 Piece

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Brown Bear Warmies Thermal Plush

Soft Warmth!

Warmies are heat accumulators that can be heated in a microwave or traditional oven, since they are made with specific materials suitable for microwaves and heat resistant. But they're also refreshing - just wrap them in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer compartment overnight.

The special blend of millet and lavender gives well-being and has a calming and relaxing effect

Ideal as a help to fall asleep better, they are a perfect alternative to rubber thermal bags and electric thermal blankets thanks to their simpler, faster and above all safer mode of use.

The padding is made from 100% natural products

The heat is stored for a long time and released gradually. They heat up in the microwave oven in just 90 seconds to 800 Watts of power; the heat is released in 90 minutes.

Plush pleasant touch feeling.
Grains of pure English millet to keep the heat.
Pure French Lavender has a calming and relaxing effect and gives a wonderful warmth experience.

How do Warmies warm up?

There are two ways to heat Warmies: MICROWAVE OVEN (800 Watt power for 90 seconds) and TRADITIONAL OVEN (Maximum 100 ° for 10 minutes).

Can I wash the Warmies?

Yes: all Warmies are dry cleanable . The soft toys of the REMOVABLE line are also washable in the washing machine, after having extracted the bag containing lavender and millet.

Can Warmies only be heated?

No: Warmies can also be placed in the freezer to relieve fever or in case of bruises. Just put the stuffed animal in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for at least an hour.

How warm do the Warmies stay?

If properly heated, Warmies stay warm for over an hour ; this depends, however, on the temperature of the environment in which the Warmies are used.

Can children of all ages use Warmies?

Yes. Warmies can also be used by babies. For the little ones, however, we recommend the use of a short-haired soft toy or a soft toy from one of the following lines: MINIONS, SOCKY DOLL, DELUXE.

What is the padding of the Warmies made of?

Inside, the Warmies are made up of a blend of lavender and millet: millet retains heat to gradually diffuse it, while the scent of lavender has a calming and relaxing effect.

Are the Warmies safe?

Yes. All Warmies soft toys comply with the EN 71-1 / 2/3 toy safety directives.


Pack of 1 thermal plush.