Rediscover the pleasure of listening with Acustika

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Acustika presents a line of acoustic amplifiers for new generation, innovative products and discrete, ideal for correcting minor loss of hearing. It is revolutionary devices, in terms of technology, price and ease of use, can support so sensitive and effective auditory function.

"Decent" is an acoustic amplifier analog version behind the ear, comfortable and the size worthy of its name which helps improve auditory function in cases medium - mild. This is particularly useful especially in front of the TV, during a meeting or lecture and any occasion that requires a help to strengthen the normal hearing ability. 
"Melody" is the acoustic amplifier that is worn immediately, without the need of the support of a technician; for its simplicity, lightness and adaptability, can be used in any environment, and the time to listen to what is happening around us. 

These are just two of the more than 20 products that Acustika created to rediscover the pleasure and comfort of listening, improving the daily well-being. 
The devices Acustika are distributed in a practical case, with spare batteries in blister packs to make sure you always have the comfort and the pleasure of hearing. 
The Pharmacy Loreto Gallo according to the results of audiometric, which performs for free at home, you will be able to establish the necessary amplification, showing a wide selection of hearing aids that are appropriate for your particular hearing loss by finding the most suitable solution her in terms of quality and price. 

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