Women & the good intentions of 2015

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New year, new life and many good intentions! Among diets, gym work and here are 5 resolutions to inspire you!
A New Year begins with a list of resolutions for the new year, you bring in important dreams or small goals that will help us to have a more beautiful than the previous year.

1. Stand on a diet
Beat the Christmas holidays there is only one thing that you want: lose hated extra pounds! Empty the pantry from dangerous caloric foods (Give them to your neighbor or your friend with size 40) and filled the fridge with organic foods, light and fat free. Say goodbye to Pandora and do well in smoothies, centrifuged and diet drinks.

2. Subscribe to the gym
About this goes hand in hand with the intention to lose weight. FORBIDDEN do as the years passed: pay a subscription for 12 months and then go to the gym three times a year. Choose calmly sport you want to do, take a 3 month subscription and if you do not like change. Enlist a friend to be more motivated to go and if not enough take good habit to weigh yourself once a week: see the scales go up is the best way to go to the gym consistently!

3. Planning a trip
Have you put off from year to year: before work, then the family, then still the home have shifted the journey that you have dreamed. This year, take the situation in hand: as early as January look offers for flights, organized everything and fly to visit the land of your dreams whatever the cost! It will be a small gesture to remind you that your dreams can come true, you just want it!

4. Change look
Renew your wardrobe with one goal: to be perfect and elegant! Enough with the old jeans, with his usual shirt and sneakers! Do a favor to yourself and also to those around you: throw away even the much comfortable as terrible suit from home during the sales and look for a home more cute outfits!

5. Treat your body
There are three simple things of which we often do less but that are important for the care of our bodies:
Makeup remover with care, even when you get home destroyed, with the sole intention of reaching the bed, 5 minutes dedicated to this activity;
  Protect your hair before hair dryer, to avoid ending up with damaged hair and dry, it would be enough to always apply a protective product before drying;
The make-up on her face always goes after the cream, always applied a thin layer of moisturizer and wait for it to dry, so as to create a protective layer, avoiding direct contact with the skin.

Good in 2015 by the staff of Pharmacy Loreto Gallo.


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