The right nutrition to fight the flu

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The coldest months of the year bring with them unwelcome ills of the season and it was during this period that the power reveals the key ally of health because it helps prevent health problems by strengthening the immune system.

The first Expert advice is to rest in bed, following the treatment recommended by the family doctor, and remember to drink plenty of water at room temperature. In these devices, must be added at the same time a light diet and nutrition. Choices should fall back on foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus and kiwi and white meats and fish as a source of protein.

While recovering the typical soup can be replaced by pasta, portions may be increased and you can gradually integrate cheeses and other foods, including wine, with meals because the complex carbohydrates of pasta are the main source of energy for the brain , for the muscles, red blood cells and the body and is therefore essential for the fuel to perform daily activities.

It 'better to dress pasta with olive oil and fresh peeled tomatoes, excellent sources of vitamins (A, C, E) and antioxidants present in greater amounts in cooked tomato. With the addition of seasoning in animal protein (for tuna fish or ground beef or chopped) makes the meal is balanced from a nutritional point of view and allows you to recover the lost muscle mass with low physical activity.

With seasonal vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and pumpkin but also citrus fruits and whole grains, you can make many dishes that, in addition to being good and colorful, offer a diet rich in vitamins, useful for defense against pathogens.

Another key ingredient for the prevention of influenza virus, and especially for the protection of the respiratory tract is garlic, excellent bactericidal and virucidal; you can add it raw in your dishes to season them and then remove it, or you can squeeze it, thus avoiding the heavy breath.

Even the onion has antiseptic and antibiotic properties: it is good to eat raw salad to fight pharyngitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.

Finally, green tea is a true elixir of life and a cup a day, after meals, as well as being an antioxidant is also an excellent antiviral able to defeat the influence.

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