The Mediterranean diet: elixir of life

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A study published in the British Medical Journal and conducted at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, has confirmed once again that the Mediterranean diet as well as providing a "shield" against disease, prolongs life.

Since fruit, vegetables and nuts, key components of the Mediterranean diet, are antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, the researchers wanted to examine whether this way of eating may be associated in some way to the length of telomeres.

The telomere is the terminal region of the chromosome, which prevents them from wear and "scramble" the genetic codes and the length of which plays a key role in the defense of health.

This research is the first that has demonstrated the link between telomere length and the Mediterranean diet, already known for its health benefits, including decreased risk of chronic diseases such as heart and cancer.

In healthy people the telomeres shorten progressively throughout life, from childhood to adulthood are halved to shrink again in the very elderly; Furthermore, it was demonstrated that oxidative stress and inflammation progressively accelerate the reduction of these structures.

Were analyzed 4,676 middle-aged women in good health who completed questionnaires on lifestyle and diet. It was found that women who base their diet on the Mediterranean diet have longer telomeres.

This research is further evidence of the strong ability antiaging of the Mediterranean diet, which can now be considered a real drug.
Foods such as pasta, bread, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fish, fruits and vegetables are the most valuable allies to stay young long as they reduce the deterioration of individual cells.



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