Premature wrinkles: causes and remedies

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Although one might think that wrinkles are a consequence of aging, recent research indicates that the passage of time is not the only cause of these signs of the skin, especially the face. The power and certain lifestyle habits unhealthy, in fact, are more causes of this problem which is a nightmare for women.
The dreaded wrinkles are the result of cell division that with age becomes slower and causes the elastin, hydrogen and hydration of the skin decrease.

Wrinkles can be classified into three major groups according to the origin of the emergence and depth.
Gravitational wrinkles: are caused by gravity, because the force of gravity acts on the skin pulling downwards. The resistance is determined by the genes of each person and the type of the dermis. Some of the most frequent are the gravitational wrinkles around the mouth, pulling his lips down.
Dynamic wrinkles: the origin is the movement of the muscles on the face, that is, those that we use to smile, talk, etc. The types of movement are those that make wrinkles appear different from person to person. Wrinkles become even more evident if decreased elastin and collagen. Those above the lip, forehead and "crow's feet" around the eyes are the best known.
Wrinkles of mixed origin: they are caused by a combination of the preceding groups, namely gravity and motion. A clear example are the wrinkles of the neck, which appear due to the severity and also because of the repetition of the action to nod.
What are the main habits that cause the appearance of wrinkles?
1.Bevande alcoholic: the deterioration of a person who drinks every day or very over the weekend, for example, subtracts two years to the normal life of the skin.
2. Smoking: Nicotine does not allow the skin to breathe. Smoking also increases the marcarsi of wrinkles around the mouth, especially on the upper lip.
3.Stile sedentary life: it is shown that the lack of physical activity weekly causes wrinkles on the skin.
4. Insomnia: not sleeping well is associated with premature aging of the skin as you sleep stimulates the production of a hormone that helps to produce and reduce the renewal of collagen.
5. Stress: the symptoms are similar to those of insomnia. Being nervous or under pressure are synonyms for facial aging, the appearance of wrinkles, white hair and alopecia.
Finally, it is always good to remember that the main enemy of the skin beautiful and young are sugars that are not hiding only in sweets, chocolate or candy, but also all the foods that cause glycation, ie a reaction between carbohydrates, proteins and fats at high temperatures. Do not marinate the meat, try to reduce the amount of food cooked over high heat, and drink plenty of fluids during meals. Instead we recommend eating more fruits and vegetables because they are rich in antioxidants and not make you fat.


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