Heels: Love and Hate

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The heels body's contours, of course, but at the same time altering the delicate play of muscle tension in the body. The posture is affected and this, at the end of a day, results in sensations of pain and fatigue.

What are the exercises to do at home to counteract the muscle imbalances, joint and posture caused by high heels?

It would be advisable to wear shoes with heels of average height (3-4 cm) during the day, especially if you plan to stay long in the foot, leaving the heels 8-10 cm only for certain occasions, experts say.
Imbalances caused by high heels can be limited by appropriate exercises, which by their simplicity can be repeated at home. Here's the first:
Sit on a chair, keep your feet flat on the floor spaced a couple of inches, then pull on his toes and maintain posture for 20 seconds. Get off breathing deeply and then stand on your heels. Hold the posture for 20 seconds (repeat 10 times).
Other exercises:
- Take a towel and, from sitting, always on a chair, first with one foot and then the other to try to roll up the towel only with the understanding of the fingers (repeat 5 times per foot).
- Sit cross-legged and breathing deeply. So raise your toe and bring in reversing the foot and then in subversion; then tipped out and pointing inwards (working with both feet simultaneously for 10 repetitions).
- Sit in a chair, then put a tennis ball on the ground, lean your foot above and with gentle pressure slide it under the sole of the foot. The exercise serves to massage around the arch and metatarsal.


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