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2Larth Homeopathic Medicinal 30 Capsules

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Homeopathic Medicinal

Micro-immunotherapy drugs play a role of immune regulation to enhance and harmonize the defenses of our body. These drugs present, within their composition, both cytokines and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, SNA®) chosen according to the pathology to be treated and prepared at very high dilutions, so as to guarantee total safety.

LABO'LIFE Micro-immunotherapy drugs come in the form of sequential treatments that are respectful of immune physiology. These physiological sequences - within which the strains dilutions vary from day to day (in cycles of 5 or 10 days) - are aimed at transmitting the appropriate message to the immune system through a series of physiological responses in sequence (cytokine cascade) ).

When the immune system reacts to treatment, symptoms may increase. This is a completely normal circumstance in the first fifteen days of therapy. It is a natural phenomenon in homeopathy. In this case it is necessary to continue the treatment and the symptoms will diminish little by little. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Homeopathic medicine indicated as an adjuvant in altered immune reactivity: indicated in all cases of acute or subacute inflammatory processes, inflammatory crisis.

How to use: the capsules should be opened and their contents (granules) should be poured under the tongue to allow dissolution and sublingual absorption; the intake should take place in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is recommended to take 1 dose a day; if necessary, increase the dose to 2 doses.

Warnings: do not swallow the whole capsules. Micro-immunotherapy drugs are sequential drugs and the capsules are numbered: it means that they have a different composition for each capsule, so as to better respect the cascade of the cytokines of the immune reaction to which the drug is aimed. It is necessary to follow the numbering when taking the drug, starting from capsule number 1 up to capsule number 10. When the first blister is finished, the second blister is started, starting again from capsule number 1.

Do not take during meals or concurrently with coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, alcohol or mint.

Composition: Interleukin 1 17 and 10 CH, Interleukin 2 12 and 10 CH, Tumor necrosis factor alpha 17 and 10 CH, Nucleic acid specific SNA-ARTH 16 and 10 CH, Nucleic acid Specified SNA-HLA I 16 and 10 CH , Nucleic Acid Specified with SNA-HLA II 16 and 10 CH. Excipients: Lactose 0.418 g, sucrose 1,482 g. Blue capsules: gelatin, titanium dioxide (E171), indigotin (E132).

Packaging: box with three blisters of 10 capsules each. (1 capsule = 0.38 g of impregnated globules).