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  • ADAPTIL ™ CEVA Collar For Dogs Size S -10%
  • ADAPTIL ™ CEVA Collar For Dogs Size S

ADAPTIL ™ CEVA Collar For Dogs Size S

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ADAPTIL ™ CEVA Collar For Dogs Size S

The ADAPTIL Collar contains DAP (dog satisfying pheromone) and prevents and controls stress in puppies and adult dogs, helping them to cope with situations such as:

  • Loud noises such as thunderstorms, traffic, etc.
  • Stay in kennels or boarding houses
  • Do you travel
  • New situations (new home, family integration, holiday home)

ADAPTIL Collar has been proven to aid puppy learning and improve adaptation to the modern lifestyle. The ADAPTIL collar also provides a valuable aid for the prevention of behavioral problems caused by stress that can occur in adulthood. The use of ADAPTIL Collar is not recommended in case of hyperactivity or aggression.


In mammals, all lactating females release substances called "satisfying pheromones" which have the function of reassuring the litter.
Dog "satisfying pheromones" are secreted in lactating bitches by the sebaceous glands located in the intermammary sulcus.
These pheromones calm puppies in case of stress and induce confidence, particularly when they are in new environments or facing new experiences. Research has shown that the reassuring properties of these pheromones persist into adulthood.
ADAPTIL (Dog Satisfying Pheromone), originates from veterinary research and reproduces all the properties of natural maternal "satisfying pheromones".


ADAPTIL Collar promotes the well-being of puppies and adult dogs in situations that can cause fear and apprehension. The collar can be used both outside and inside the house to: - Promote socialization (other dogs, people, new situations); - Control fear outside (dogs, strangers, traffic, thunderstorms and other loud noises); - Place the dog in a new environment (new house, kennel, boarding houses). The combined use of ADAPTIL collar and ADAPTIL diffuser at home can help to achieve better results in dogs that show signs of fear both indoors and outdoors. For particular uses, consult your veterinarian.


Pheromone satisfying for the dog 5%, Excipients to taste at 1 collar 100%.


ADAPTIL Collar works for about 4 weeks. Replace the collar when necessary. The collar must remain on the dog at all times except during washing. The duration of use of the Collar may depend on the problem (see table in the enclosed leaflet) and on the behavioral therapy used.


Pack of 1 collar.