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  • Allerderm Spot On 4ml 6pip -15%

Allerderm Spot On 4ml 6pip

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allerdem spot on

Product-specific dermatoses of dogs and cats.
Spot-on dermatology based ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol, simple dautilizzare, which helps to restore the barrier function protettricedell'epidermide in dogs and cats with skin problems, such as allergies, disorders keratoconjunctivitis seborrheic and pyoderma; The topical solution perfect for dogs and gattiatopici.
It contains a unique complex of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids (ComplessoLipidico Dermal) similar to those found in healthy skin of the dog and Delgatto.
Topical product particularly suitable for animals that have problems cutanei.E 'particularly recommended as a complementary treatment to cure delledermatosi canine and feline skin changes associated with surface, thanks to uninsieme components that help to restore the integrity of the product cute.L'applicazione helps to restore the function of barrieraprotettrice epidermis (skin), it promotes its hydration, decreases the suasensibilità and strengthens its protective role.

How to use
To open the pipette, hold it upright and rotate the tip until the suarottura. Separate the fur between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place lacannula directly in contact with the skin and gently preere the body of the pipettain so as to apply the contents onto the skin. Divide the entire contents indiversi points along the line of the back of the dog. Direttamenteanche can be applied on the areas of damaged skin. A pipette per week for 4 weeks. The dosepotrà be increased (by two to three pipettes per week up to a day) depending on the severity of injuries and following the advice of veterinario.Allo order to limit relapses as well as for the maintenance of salutedella skin and coat, apply a pipette per month in maintenance.
For best results, apply after a bath when the hair is completamenteasciutto.

Avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 25 ° C.

Coramidi 3; ceramide 6 II; ceramides 1; cholesterol; sodium lauroyl lactilato; Rubber dixanthan; water.

Pack 2ml 6 pipettes.
Pack 4ml 6 pipettes.