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  • Amuchina Gel Xgerm Angelini 250ml

Amuchina Gel Xgerm Angelini 250ml

  • Brand: ANGELINI SpA
  • Product Code: 977021258
  • EAN: 8000036023273
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Amuchina Gel Xgerm Angelini - Hand Disinfectant

Amuchina Gel X-Germ Hand Disinfectant is an antiseptic gel , designed to thoroughly disinfect the skin of the hands. Its formulation is able to effectively reduce germs and bacteria present on the skin in a few seconds. Amuchina Gel X-GERM Hand Disinfectant is active on viruses, fungi and bacteria . Do not rinse formulation that contains agents with high antiseptic action. Sanitizer that acts in 15 seconds, leaving the hands soft and fragrant.

Using Amuchina X-Germ

Amuchina Gel X-GERM Hand Disinfectant is practical in any situation where you need to disinfect your hands: outside the home, when you can't wash your hands (for example: while traveling, on public transport, after having touched money, etc.), in the hospital and professional sector, at home (in dedicating oneself to the care of the sick).

How to use

Pour enough product onto the palm of your hand to cover the entire surface of your hands and rub for 30 seconds. Repeat the operation. The product is used without water.


250 ml pump bottle.