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  • Be-Total Syrup Flavor Lemon Food Supplement 100ml -27%

Be-Total Syrup Flavor Lemon Food Supplement 100ml

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Dietary supplement

The energy we consume comes from food and Vitamins B allow our body to release this energy.

This is why Be-Total has always provided a mix of B vitamins.

Because you know what your child needs to grow and to face those periods of study, sport, fun where you need more energy: Be-Total Food Supplement in liquid form, in the Classic and Lemon flavors.

Vitamins B

Vitamins B are a group of essential organic substances, involved in numerous functions of the organism . These vitamins are not synthesized by the body, so it is necessary to introduce them with food.

Vitamins B are defined as Energy Vitamins because they allow our body to correctly metabolize food and transform it into "fuel" ready for use, favoring many physiological functions. Despite this definition they do not provide calories.


  • Children: 1 tablespoon (5ml) per day is recommended
  • Adults: 2 tablespoons (10ml) per day are recommended

Be-Total is available in the Lemon or Classic taste (Latte taste).


Store in a dry place, at controlled room temperature (15 ° -30 ° C), in the original packaging tightly closed. Avoid exposure to localized heat sources and light.

The expiry date refers to the product correctly stored, in unopened packaging.

Keep out of reach of children under 3 years.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Recommended for:

  • Support normal energy metabolism (Vitamins B2, B6, B12, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid)
  • Contribute to the normal function of the immune system (Vitamins B6, B12)
  • The deficiency states due to reduced nutrient supply or increased need

Parents area

They play, study and are always on the move. This is why they burn a lot of energy . Often even more than adults because the growth phase requires an adequate supply of all the nutrients for a complete and harmonious development. This is why specialists continue to insist that children should eat well and sleep the right hours .

A correct recommendation that, however, should be put into practice with good sense because eating well does not mean giving yourself without limits all that the throat suggests, nor sleep so much it means to pull 12 hours under the sheets!

Assuming that children need high levels of energy, many parents make dietary mistakes . From the use of packaged foods such as snacks and snacks to entice children who eat begrudgingly or to silence their whims, to the exaggerated doses of food and sugar for the boys who, on the contrary, always have appetite.

Children do not always follow a correct diet: calories taken in excess or inadequate compared to daily needs, diets that are not very varied in the choice of foods, foods rich in fats and sugars, to the detriment of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and simple foods. genuine.

Healthy eating is the basis of our children's well-being ; it is therefore necessary to educate them to take regular meals, rich in healthy foods that include all groups of foods, of animal and vegetable origin.

Among the most important vitamins for the growth of children are the B vitamins that contribute to the release of energy from food and are a help not only for school commitments and sports activities , but also to contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and to reduce tiredness and fatigue .

Useful tips

Vitamins B are water-soluble and are not produced by the body, so they must be taken daily with the diet. A varied and balanced diet is able to provide the right amounts of Vitamins B to the body.

There are situations in which energy expenditure increases and, consequently, the body's energy needs are also increased.

There are some situations in which a specific supplement with Vitamins of the B group can be useful.

Take, for example, the change of season that forces our organism to sudden climatic adaptations: here are some moments in which a food integration can prove to be a valid support .

Even periods of special schooling are characterized by a high energy requirement, as well as situations of physical commitment such as sports. Also in these cases the integration with Vitamins of the B group can be a valuable aid to support the organism.

The formulas of Be-Total tablets and liquid food supplement , thanks to the presence of complex B vitamins in balanced dosages, allow nutritionally appropriate integration in both adults and children, contributing to the wellbeing of the organism even in particular periods stress and energy expenditure .

However, it is important to always remember that a varied and balanced diet is the basis of our health and our daily well-being and that supplements are not intended as substitutes for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

For the use of the product in the first 3 years of age it is advisable to consult the doctor's opinion.