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  • Beaphar No Stress Cat Collar -15%

Beaphar No Stress Cat Collar

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  • Brand: BEAPHAR B.V.
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No Stress Collar

• Ideal in case of excessive meowing, anxiety,
trips, thunderstorms, fireworks

Calming action
it's relaxing


The product reduces behavioral problems caused by distressing situations in cats of all races and ages.
Using safe and natural ingredients with gradual release over a period of 3-4 weeks, it helps to reassure and reassure cats in the mild moments of their day.
The product is particularly useful in a house with several cats (or animals) because cats are particularly sensitive to cohabitation with other animals and environmental changes.
The product contains Valerian and Lavender, plants well known for their therapeutic and calming properties, able to help manage stress and anxiety. The product is useful for reducing behavioral problems such as: scratching of surfaces, territorial marking and excessive meowing.
In addition, the prolonged effect of the product helps to alleviate the conditions caused by the arrival of newborns or a new animal in the home, moving into a new home, frequent car trips, visits to the vet, fear of transport, fireworks. artifice or thunderstorms.
Once worn, the Valerian is released immediately and the cat will begin to relax within one hour of application.
The product is effective for up to 4 weeks.

Single piece.
Dimensions: 35 cm

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