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  • Hawthorn Gemmo Derivato Fitomedical 50ml -9%

Hawthorn Gemmo Derivato Fitomedical 50ml

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Hawthorn Gemmo Fitomedical Derivative - Organic

Gemmoderivati, also called glyceric or glycerin macerates (MG), are obtained from the processing of fresh plant embryonic tissues (meristems). Buds, rootlets, sprouts, sap, seeds, catkins are collected in a spontaneous state in areas that are not ecologically degraded or come from organic farming. Their action is particularly gentle, reliable and flexible.

Hawthorn acts favorably on the physiological cardiocirculatory function.

Applications described in literature and traditional uses

Cardiac regulator; tranquilizer; normalizing blood pressure. Tachycardia, precordialgia and arrhythmias in anxious, nervous and stressed subjects; dyspnea with palpitations.

How to use

50 drops diluted in water, twice during the day.


Water, Alcohol, Glycerin, Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha Jacq.) Buds 1.8%.


50ml bottle