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  • Candinet Vaginal Lavender Disposable UNIDERM 5 Falcons of 100ml -15%

Candinet Vaginal Lavender Disposable UNIDERM 5 Falcons of 100ml

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UNIDERM Disposable Vaginal Lavender Candinet - Medical Device

Candinet Lavanda is a medical device that exerts a protective action against sensitive intimate mucous membranes.
Adjuvant in cases of itching and redness, due to an altered bacterial flora due to inflammation, candidiasis and recurrent urinary infections, it helps rebalance the ecosystem of the genital area.
Particularly indicated in all those situations in which it is useful to associate a sanitizing and protective action against mycotic agents; in fact, the medical device contributes to creating an acid environment, which is unfavorable to the survival of pathogenic germs.
In association with specific treatments, it is a useful adjuvant in restoring the well-being and functionality of the mucous membranes when these are subject to bacterial vaginosis, vulvovaginitis and mycosis.


Separating a blister pack, to open it partially detaching a strip of paper and pull out the cannula by pressing from the opposite side. Open the container by removing the tear-off closure on the cap and place the cannula by inserting it on the open end.

Insert the appropriate hose clamp on the cannula that can be used if you want to stop dispensing the liquid. Sit on the bidet or toilet and proceed to the lavender by pressing the bottle to release the contents. The solution after opening should not be stored.


Keep out of the reach of children under 3 years of age. Keep in a cold and dry place. Integra srl always recommends the opinion of a specialist doctor.


Pack of 5 single-use bottles of 100 ml with cannula.