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  • Dukan Biscuits At Bran D'Avena Gourmand 4 Packages From 3 Biscuits

Dukan Biscuits At Bran D'Avena Gourmand 4 Packages From 3 Biscuits

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Oat bran biscuits


Cookies Gourmand Dukan oat bran to have an incredible flavor thanks to the layer of dark chocolate but are perfect to be enjoyed in the Dukan diet or any high protein diet.

Cookies to oat bran Dukan Gourmand are the perfect snack for those who want to restore the silhouette without sacrificing taste. Cookies Gourmand are enriched with a thin layer of dark chocolate sugar-free which makes them truly irresistible flavor. Consists principally of oat bran, biscuits Dukan Gourmand do not raise blood glucose peaks, why do not block ketosis of high-protein diets. In addition, the oat bran promotes satiety and intestinal transit. Cookies Gourmand Dukan contain very few carbohydrates and fat but high in fiber and protein and are therefore perfect to be included within any high-protein diet. Each cookie contains only 61 kcal.

As they take the cookies Gourmand Dukan:

It is advisable not to take the cookies Gourmand Dukan during the cruise phase. In the consolidation phase you can take 3 Biscuits Gourmand day. Consume at will during the stabilization phase.


4 pack of 3 biscuits each.