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  • Dukan Biscuits Bran D 'Avena Taste 6x3 Coconut Cookies

Dukan Biscuits Bran D 'Avena Taste 6x3 Coconut Cookies

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On Oat Bran Cookies

taste Cocco

A concentration of taste and well-being, the bran biscuit of coconut Dukan oats are one of the best ways to enjoy a delicious whim or to start with a breakfast that satisfies the palate and sense of well-being thanks to their high bran content oat (contain 65%) the Dukan coconut biscuits are suitable for everyone who wants to feel healthy. Dukan Oat bran is a food that has beneficial properties as part of a reductive diet: has the ability to absorb calories ingested (up to 10%), it fosters a sense of satiety and intestinal transit (due to the high amount of fiber), has a high protein content and does not raise the blood sugar spike.

The exotic and delicate flavor proposed in this version makes the Dukan cookies with coconut and oat bran a delicious and satisfying product, perfect dunked in milk (skim) or a cup of coffee.

What contain cookies Dukan coconut and oat bran:

Ingredients: oat bran 65%, acacia fiber, maltitol, skimmed milk powder 5%, 3% rapeseed oil, coprah 3% oil, powdered egg, milk proteins: casein, wheat gluten, aroma of coconut 1%, yeast: of ammonium hydrogen carbonate and sodium, salt, sucralose.

Calories and nutritional values ​​of Dukan coconut biscuits:

To 100 g

1 serving (3 cookies)

Energy value

1537 kJ

365 kcal

576.4 kJ
136.9 kcal


18 g

6.8 g

of which sugars

48.1 g
3 g

18 g
1.1 g

of which saturated

11.2 g
4.1 g

4.2 g
1.5 g

of which beta-glucans

16.1 g
5.46 g

6 g
2 g


0.167 g

0.1 g

At what stage of the Dukan diet I can consume coconut biscuits?

Attack phase: it is not possible to eat biscuits at this stage

Cruise phase: three biscuits a day

Consolidation phase: 4 cookies a day

Stabilization phase: freely

The consumption of coconut biscuits does not affect the daily consumption of oat bran, so you can eat both always respecting the doses envisaged by the stage of the diet where you are


The Dukan coconut cookies are available in packs of 3 biscuits with 6 practices mono portions each.