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  • Eumill® Recordati OTC 10 Single-dose vials -24%

Eumill® Recordati OTC 10 Single-dose vials

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  • Brand: RECORDATI SpA
  • Product Code: 906175827
  • EAN: 8025288002760
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Eumill® Recordati OTC Eye Drops

Eye drops useful for relieving fatigue and redness in the eyes and ocular mucosa caused by atmospheric agents and environmental factors (wind, salt, excessive heat, pollution, smoke and dust), from excessive work or study and use of the computer, from excessive exposure in the light or from sporting activity.

How to use

open the single-dose by detaching the cap which can be used, turned upside down, to temporarily close the container. Apply light pressure on the body of the single-dose vial and instill 2/3 drops in each eye whenever necessary. Eumill is also suitable for frequent use.


eye drops in practical sterile single-dose packs containing distilled water of chamomile, witch hazel and euphrasia. Contains no preservatives.


once the container has been opened, the product contained in it must be used within 12 hours. Do not use the product if the aluminum packaging is damaged upon first opening. Do not use the product after the expiry date indicated on the package. Keep out of reach of children.


100 ml of product contain: chamomile distilled water 10 g, witch hazel distilled water 10 g, euphrasia distilled water 10 g, sodium chloride 0.8 g, sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate 0.3 g, sodium monobasic phosphate monohydrate 0.03 g, EDTA 0.05 g, water to taste 100 ml.


Pack of 10 single-dose vials.