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Lactoint 30cps

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CAPSULE gastroprotected

- Symptoms caused by lactose intolerance deficient primary and secondary dilattasi.
- Phenomena of fermentation with gas production from food and diarrhea conseguentealla not digest lactose.

Dosage and Usage:
The dose should be adjusted on a case by case basis depending on the severity deisintomi due to lactose intolerance and the amount of lattosioingerito.
Adults and children over three years: one capsule taken one hour before a meal.
If symptoms persist, the advice of your own doctor the dosaggiopuò be increased to two capsules.
A capsule allows the digestion of approximately 16 grams of lactose.
If symptoms persist, the advice of your own doctor the dosaggiopuò be increased to two capsules in the manner described.
Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
The capsule should not be chewed, but swallowed whole., Can be taken withwater or other liquid.

favors the digestive process of lactose intolerance in all cases omaldigestione.
Useful for combating intestinal fermentation and gas production daalimentazione.
The enzyme beta-galactosidase cleaves lactose into glucose and galactose, and it consentel'assorbimento, preventing the onset of symptoms of intolerance.
Kaolin (White Clay) due to the specific action adsorbing gases and tossineintestinali, contibuisce to eliminate immediately the symptoms by counteracting the fenomenidi intestinal fermentation.
The Acacia fiber, viscose, absorbs water and increases the weight and volume of the mass fecalea level of 'blind gut, reducing constipation.

75 mg of β-galactosidase on carrier consists of fermented maltodextrin (100.000U7gr; 7.5000 units / cps); 80 mg of kaolin (white clay); 100 mg of fiber diacacia.

Validity: 24 months, the expiry date refers to the product correctly stored confezionamentointegro.

pack of 30 capsules of 380 mg gastroprotected.