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  • Mentadent Toothpaste 7-13 Years 75ml -46%

Mentadent Toothpaste 7-13 Years 75ml

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Mentadent Toothpaste 7-13 Years

A toothpaste specially formulated for you, which helps protect you effectively from tooth decay and freshen your breath. Tigers are extraordinary animals that can reach 3 meters in length and can jump up to 9 meters with one leap. They are very rare and can live on cold and icy mountains. They are solitary animals that hunt mostly at night. Tigers are an endangered species mainly due to poaching and the reduction of their natural habitat.

Approved - National Association of Italian Dentists ANDI recognizes that a properly formulated fluoride toothpaste helps prevent plaque formation while protecting the health of teeth and gums. Mentadent 7-13 years meets these requirements and is therefore of significant utility, combined with a regular replacement of the toothbrush and its correct use. By law, those enrolled in the Register of Dentists at the Order of Doctors, qualified under Law 409/85, can practice Dentistry. FDI World Dental Federation FDI recognizes that brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, such as Mentadent age 7-13, is of significant benefit to proper oral hygiene.


75ml tube.