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meridol® Mouthwash 400ml

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meridol® Mouthwash - Gum Protection

Keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh with meridol Gum Protection, the mouthwash that fights the symptoms of gingivitis and its causes, bleeding and gum recession. The double action formula with amino fluoride and stannous fluoride, fights bacteria quickly and for a long time. At the time of use, the active ingredients are released into the oral cavity and effectively prevent pain in the gums. Alcohol-free, suitable for prolonged daily use.

This product thanks to its components is purely indicated to counteract all those states of irritated gums, which create pain and discomfort. Many times despite thorough cleaning, residual plaque can remain on the surface of the teeth. Lying predominantly on the edge of the gums, plaque is the main cause of inflammation of the gums. Meridol Mouthwash contains the particular patented combination of amino fluoride and stannous fluoride. This combination inactivates plaque residues for a long time and, thanks to the particular ability of its components to adhere to the surfaces, counteracts its reformation, helping to protect the gums and keep them healthy. Meridol mouthwash favors the natural balance of the oral bacterial flora. The combination of fluorides also helps protect teeth from decay. Meridol Mouthwash is indicated for daily oral hygiene and in particular in case of irritated gums, when oral hygiene is made difficult by the presence of prostheses and / or orthodontic appliances or in case of excessive plaque accumulation.

How does it work?

Meridol is a ready-to-use mouthwash for daily oral hygiene to complement toothbrush and toothpaste.

Its exclusive combination of amino fluoride / stannous fluoride active ingredients specifically inhibits the bacteria associated with gingivitis, thus promoting the restoration of a healthy oral flora. Meridol mouthwash deactivates residual plaque and inhibits the formation of new plaque, thus promoting the natural regeneration of irritated gums.
It is particularly suitable for wearers of prostheses, bridges, etc. Several clinical studies have shown that the combined use of meridol toothpaste and meridol mouthwash offers even more effective protection against gingivitis.

Target to which the product is aimed

People with sore gums.

Main benefits

Plaque inhibition action. Promotes the natural regeneration of irritated gums. Alcohol-free.

Recommended use

For the use of meridol mouthwash 10ml once a day without rinsing is enough, insert in the mouth and wait a few minutes for the components to act after expelling without rinsing.

Fluoride content

250 ppm.


It is important to keep the product in a cool place away from sources of heat and humidity, keep out of the reach of children.


400 ml bottle.