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  • NutriService Macaya Vigor Food Supplement 30 Sachets -6%

NutriService Macaya Vigor Food Supplement 30 Sachets

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Macaya Vigor

Dietary supplement

Macaya Vigor is a natural supplement that allows you to prevent and regulate the bad habits that cause stress such as sexual problems, smoking, hair loss, menopause and brittle nails. Unlike drugs, it does not need precautions and has no contraindications. Its components are all natural of plant origin.
Macaya Vigor helps you to regain physical and mental control avoiding the spiral of "harmful stress", thus improving the quality of life and regaining the well-being, serenity and harmony essential to face any daily action.


Unlike drugs, it does not need precautions and has no contraindications. Its components are all natural of plant origin. It is a product formulated with Maca Peruviana, Papaya fermented in powder, Trealosio, Muira Puama, Damiana, Octosanolo, Resveratrol, Teobroma cacao, Ginseng and Vit A - E - Zn - Cu - Se.

Peruvian Maca presumably has a cerebral action, (for the alkaloids contained), for hypophyseal stimulation and hypothalamy which determines a greater production of steroid hormones (Testosterone, Estrogens and Progesterone). To all this follows in men, especially in the andropause age and in the menopausal woman, an increase in libido, greater sexual impulse and greater resistance even in sports performance.

La Muira Pama or mara puama, (plant of Latin America) is a useful tonic in physical psychic abstinence, in the loss of desire, of libido, in disorders of the male and female sexual sphere. It can be a useful nerve tonic, in problems related to mild depression and nervous exhaustion, and in problems of asthenia and sexual potency, both male and female. It has a vasodilator action.

Damiana is known as Mexican tea, it is a stimulating psycho-physical plant, of great help in chronic fatigue, and in the impotence in man and woman. It seems to have action on the center of the erection located at the level of the pelvic-sacral parasympathetic.

Octosanol is a natural substance, contained in sugar cane, avocado, and many vegetables. Its main activity is stimulation on the pituitary gland with considerable stimulation of the adrenal glands to the production of male and female sex hormones.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant contained in red grapes and other foods.

The exclusive patent of our laboratory, for the use of Trehalose, allows a more powerful weapon to protect and stabilize antioxidant substances from the degradation processes, so as to create powerful actions against free radicals. This disaccharide binds and protects the active ingredients of our formulation, allowing them to be fully absorbed at the level of intestinal villi, and then reach our organs, in their integrity to carry out the work for which they are intended.

How to use

The product is not to be taken if necessary, but has a curative effect over time; so it is recommended to take it for at least 2 cycles of 3 months a year, taking 2 sachets a day for 2-3 days, and then 1 sachet a day, preferably taken at least half an hour before meals, dissolving the contents of the sachet under the tongue


Pack of 30 sachets