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  • Otalgan 1% + 5% Ear Drops Solution 6g -14%

Otalgan 1% + 5% Ear Drops Solution 6g

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Otalgan 1% + 5%

Ear Drops Solution

OTALGAN GOCCE is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory self-medication used to treat otitis and therefore in cases of ear pain in both adults and children, thanks to its active ingredients it is able to relieve and give well-being.

Otalgan ear drops what is it for?

Otalgan drops is purely indicated to treat mild and transient disorders easily recognizable as otitis without the drilling of the eardrum, however, this product should be used only if the eardrum is not damaged, check the integrity of the eardrum before inserting Otalgan drops in the ear canal.
How should Otalgan Gocce be used?
Otalgan drops should not be taken orally but inserted into the external ear canal after cooling the bottle 2 to 4 times a day, according to the following dosage:
- Otalgan adult doses: 5-8 drops at a time;
- Otalgan baby doses: 4-5 drops at a time.
In childhood, Otalgan must be administered under the direct supervision of the doctor or pediatrician and only in cases of actual need.
Otalgan ear drops can be used for 1-2 days of treatment, after which it is recommended to consult the doctor if no appreciable results are found. However, the dosage of Otalgan is not to be extended beyond 10 days.
Otalgan can be taken during pregnancy and lactation only after consulting your doctor and evaluating the risk / benefit ratio of your case.

Components of otalgan ear drops

Otalgan has as its active ingredient the procaine hydrochloride and the phenazone and as excipients the Glycerol, butylhydroxyanisole and comes in the form of drops contained in a transparent 6 g bottle with dropper.
Other components
Active ingredient: procaine hydrochloride 1 g, phenazone 5 g
Excipients: Glycerol, butylhydroxyanisole.
Therapeutic indications of otalgan auricular drops
Possible contraindications resulting from the intake of otalgan auricular drops
Individual hypersensitivity to the components of the product. In case of tympanic membrane perforation refrain from use. Pregnancy and lactation: no particular risks are reported. Administer under direct control and only in cases of actual need.
Instill in the external ear canal 2-4 times a day: Adults: 5-8 drops each time. Children: 4-5 drops each time. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Not reported.
Side effects
Products for topical application can give rise to sensitization or irritation phenomena. In such cases, stop treatment and consult your doctor. In case of perforation of the eardrum, the product in contact with the structure of the middle ear can cause side effects at this level. The use of phenazone, albeit systemically, has been associated with a high risk of agranulocytosis; this drug, like procaine, can 'give allergic reactions in sensitized subjects and as a result of systemic adsorption also anaphylactic manifestations. It is advisable to cool the vial before use. As a precautionary measure, before administering the product, check the integrity of the tympanic membrane. Do not prolong the administration of the drug over 10 days; in any case after a short period of treatment, 1-2 days, without appreciable results, consult your doctor. In the very early childhood the product must be administered under direct control and only in cases of actual need. It can be used at any age.
No particular risks are reported in the use of Otalgan Ear Drops.
Expiry and conservation
The expiry date indicated on the package refers to the product in packaging intact and correctly stored.
Do not use the medicine after the expiration date indicated on the package and / or in cases where provided, follow the validity expressed after the first opening of the package.
Keep out of sight and reach of children.