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Organic bio-repellent based on extracts of natural origin and corn granules, which does not kill, but keeps rats away effectively and without undesirable effects for the user and for pets.
Creates an invisible barrier, with a pleasant scent, that frees from inner areas mice.
A valid "green" alternative to the use of rat poisons, more dangerous and polluting, does not create addiction in the mouse, so it can also be used for long periods of time.
It does not involve risks for pets that accidentally can be contacted with the product.
Its effectiveness has been tested by the Universities of Naples and Rome.
It does not kill mice but keeps them away effectively.
Its formula makes use of the innovative principle of the cheattive multi-sensory repellence in the mouse the innate repellence / flight behavior.
Each package of product is able to protect an area of ​​3 x 3 x 3H m for 2 months.

How to use
It can be placed anywhere, better if close to the possible access routes chosen by mice. Use indoors, in areas not destined for housing or food storage.
Replace the package when the aroma fades.
It transforms the strong point of the mouse: its smell, in its weak point, because if the mouse is annoyed, frightened by strong, covering, irritating smells, that signal a potential danger, decides to move away from the airborne.

Excessive ventilation and high temperatures can reduce the duration.

Pack of 50 g