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  • Smart Insole Relief For Pain In Heel -10%

Smart Insole Relief For Pain In Heel

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  • Brand: PHARMATECH Srl
  • Product Code: 924752684
  • EAN: 0851329005098
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Smart Insole

Pain Relief Kit For Al Heel

What is' Smart Insole ™?

Smart Insole ™ is a microdevice to electromagnetic waves combined pulsed with a special insole with gel capable of generating a bio-dynamic therapy for relief of skeletal-muscular pain of the feet. Applied to therapeutic areas, Smart Insole ™ relieves inflammation, reduces pain and speeds the healing process. In addition, it is equipped with a wing for night use to ensure a therapeutic effect continues for 24 hours a day.

Smart Insole ™ benefits

• microdevice for continued action

• pulsed electromagnetic therapy that restores damaged tissues

• Rapid Reduction of inflammation and pain with acceleration of healing time

• support of the heel Gel can reduce stress and fatigue

• Easy to carry during the day and night

• Same pulsed therapy RecoveryRx® and Actipatch®

• Safe for diabetics and patients with cardiovascular disease

Indications and Applications

Plantar fasciitis*

Inflammation and pain in the feet



Stress and pressure due to pronation

Flat feet

tendons compressed


Wear and tear of the plantar fascia due to aging

* Plantar fasciitis and 'a serious pathology, painful and progressive that occurs when the ligament along the bottom of the foot (plantar fascia) develops injury and inflammation. These diseases are caused by the constant shifting of weight in walking from heel to toe and from one leg. The inflammation is caused in particular by the force and pressure applied on the plantar fascia.



n. 2 insoles with gel

n. 1 Night Band

n. 2 devices with a duration of 360 hours