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  • Alce Nero Milk Chocolate 100g

Alce Nero Milk Chocolate 100g

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Alce Nero Milk Chocolate - Organic

The cocoa used for this Alce Nero bar is Fairtrade certified and grown in Latin America.
In the Alce Nero organic milk chocolate bar, the rich taste of cocoa blends with the creaminess of milk, for a slightly caramelized flavor.
The cocoa used for 36% milk chocolate is Fairtrade certified and comes from Latin America where it is grown by groups of farmers, including Coop members. Norandino in Peru. Alce Nero and Coop.
Norandino are part of Cooperativas Sin Fronteras, an organization that since its establishment has promoted the principles of quality and wholesomeness of raw materials, but above all of social and environmental sustainability.
After roasting, the beans are skilfully processed by the old Swiss chocolatier maison Chocolat Stella, a partner of Alce Nero.

Alce Nero 36% organic milk chocolate bar is made using organic cane sugar and does not contain soy lecithin.


Cane sugar * (39%), cocoa butter *, whole milk powder * (23%), Latin American cocoa paste *, vanilla pods *.
*Biological. COCOA 36% MIN. (milk chocolate)


Tablet of 100 g.