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  • 1 tsp% Sol Oft 30fl 0.5ml -17%

1 tsp% Sol Oft 30fl 0.5ml

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TSP 1%

EC medical device, class IIa. Ophthalmic solution containing a sostanzavegetale, extracted from the seeds of Tamarindus indica, useful for corneal laprotezione, transparent, viscoelastic, sterile preservative. TSP formasulla ocular surface film can lubricate and moisten the cornea and lacongiuntiva conditions, protect against irritation due to physical causes (wind, prolonged exposure to sunlight, cigarette smoke, dry air), to visual stress, (intense commitment view, video displays), to mechanical factors (contact lenses), interventions on the eye (refractive surgery).

How to use
After opening the foil pouch, a vial separate from the others. Open ilflaconcino turning and pulling the cap. Administer one drop of TSPnell'occhio, pressing lightly on the body of the vial. Èpossibile repeat several times a day, secondonecessità. TSP is compatible with all contact lenses.

The product is for external use only ophthalmic. After administration, in raricasi, there may be a temporary blurred vision that still scompareentro few minutes: it is convenient to wait for the disappearance dell'offuscamentoprima undertaking any activity that requires visual clarity (diautovetture driving, operating machinery, etc ..). Do not use if the TSP flaconcinorisultasse damaged. Avoid touching the eye with the tip delminicontenitore. Do not use in case of known incompatibilities to qualsiasidei product components. Allow at 10-15 minutes between instillazionedi TSP and any instillation of drugs for ophthalmic use outside. Nonutilizzare after the expiration date printed on the package. TSP is confezionatoin resealable vials which allow repeated use during the day. Keep fuoridalla reach and sight of children.

Use each vial within 12 hours of opening. Not disperderenell'ambiente after use.

TS-polysaccharide 1%; mannitol; sodium dihydrogen phosphate; sodium phosphate dibasic; water.

30 vials resealable single dose of 0.5 ml.

Cod. 150