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Vsl3 Food Supplement 10 Sachets

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vsl3 sachets

What is the vsl3 sachet?
Sachets that integrate and rebalance the microbial intestinal flora in all those cases of possible alteration, such as: diarrhea or constipation, swelling and increased production of intestinal gas, intestinal cramps, fecalformation due to processes of putrefaction, malabsorption, stress, infectious diarrhea caused by the change of eating habits (traveler's diarrhea), antibiotic treatment, food intolerance and halitosis.

Posology and method of use of vsl3 sachets
Adults: 1-2 sachets during the arch of the day.
Children: the dose should be reduced proportionally, according to the doctor's opinion.
First of all, mix the contents in a glass of water or any other drink, cold and non-degassed, alternatively it can be taken together with yogurt, ice-cream or fruit juice. The product must be ingested at the time of preparation and can not be stored. Warning: do not mix with food or hot drinks as the high temperature inactivates the bacteria.

Characteristics of a packet of vsl3
Sachets containing a patented mixture of lactic bacteria and live bifidobacteria heliophilized, composed of eight different strains, belonging to as many speciesbacteria, carefully selected, carefully cultivated in soil of specific crops and then mixed in proportions such as to optimize the functionality and effective colonization of the intestinal tract . This product does not contain synthetic colors, preservatives or sweeteners. Due to the de-activation mode of some of the VSL # 3® bacterial strains it may contain traces of: soy peptone, dehydrated skimmed milk, lactose, gluten.

Keep out of reach of children under three years. VSL3 as a food supplement, is not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

How should you keep vsl3 sachets?
Preferably it must be kept at refrigerated temperature (2 ° -8 ° C), in general the product can still be stored for one week at room temperature (max 25 ° C) without undergoing significant changes in the number of viable bacteria. If the product is correctly stored and if the packaging remains intact, the expiry date corresponds to that indicated on the package, it is important to keep away from sources of heat and humidity.

Components contained in a sachet of vsl3:
450 billion live bacterial cells: streptococcus thermophilus; bifidobacteriumbreve; bifidobacterium longum; bifidobacterium infantis; lactobacillus acidophilus; lactobacillus plantarum; lactobacillus paracasei; lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp.bulgaricus; maltose; silicon dioxide.

The product is sold in 10 packs of 4.4 g.